9. 1990s: Development of ICT (info-communication) technology

My focus in 1990s – : Development and clinical use of software for information management in clinic/hospital based on numerically ordered records of health care.

Concepts for a global-local future from a lifetime in a fast-moving age are posted in www.systematiccare.net and www.net.streetlesscities.net. The concepts evolved over 50 years toward a global goal for the 21st century field of health care from an early life on poverty stricken farms to worldwide activities in fast-changing times.

        At Yama clinic, which Daryl designed and established in Osaka

The world cities need to replace their street based social disorder with streetless art and science squares but these ecocities are now beyond my reach at my age of 84. My goal oriented focus is global licensing of providers of community and patient health care (GL). I am using the www  as much as possible. The terms my many supporters developed from the 1960s fit well into clinic records of medical clinicians with global licenses. Within the past 10 years, the field of health care has moved from dependence on state and nation policies to global and local linkage. These changes are hastened by Internet functions tied to precise control of fingers and views of body tissues

2000-2011 It was the build up to global licensing of medical clinicians (GL) and GLE (global licensing examinations) and the introduction of GL into East Asia and the EU. My efforts for GL and GLE are introduced  in www.systematiccare.net. The GEPEC and pd promotion (proprioceptive derivation) group – Japan are focused on the potentials of feedback from prorioceptive derivations of control of body parts.

Note: Daryl Beach passed away on Oct 29, 2016. He stayed in a hospital for the last 3 months, but was working on proposals posted in www. systematiccare.net until his last day.