Art, Science and Mechanics

Art is I, Science is We, Mechanics is All.
New arts from new mechanics.
New science from new arts.
New mechanics from new science.
New I’s and We’s from All.
Who am I? Who are we?

(Daryl Beach, October,1997)

‘Art’ – individual expression of the world.
‘Science’ – collective codified knowledge of the world.
‘Mechanics’ – how our body and the world work.
Individual expression is I, the collective knowledge is We, how the world works is All.
New individual expressions come from new ways the world works (technology changing the world).
New collelctive knowledge from the new individual expressions.
New ways the world works from new collective knowledge.
New individual expressions and new knowledge from All.
Who am I while in a continual state of change?
Who are We while in a continual state of change?