5. Personal & Family Memories

160311-5  Beach-Viking

There were people who came to North America from Europe. They were called Vikings hundreds of years ago. My family name Beach comes from them – ie. Viking background.  They were beach people or boat people.  If they landed long enough, they became Beach people, or they were called North people, because they came from north.  Vikings made big boats and could sail across the ocean.  They were highly protective and if anybody threatened their boats, they were ready to have a big conflict.  They were not necessarily peaceful, but they were peaceful so long as their boats were not threatened. Vikings did not have means of communication or were unable to record things, and no evidence from archaeologists – from findings such as things Vikings used and where Vikings were.   They did find that Vikings reached the North America in the north where up to the place which is called Canada area today.  That was hundreds years before Columbus reached the North America from Spain, on south end of North America.  They came in from north end, but are not given credit because they did not have any written records.  So we make some records here in this website and we are getting some source from other websites.  In fact I’m trying to limit all my sources to 2 websites.  Many sources came from books years ago.  But all books are put on the web and websites, so going very fast and I feel there is no reason to look into books and have trouble to try to read them.  We can simply go to what is posted on websites which are related to a book.  Probably a website is called by the name of the book.  So we only search for websites.


160315  My parents’ stance:

It is related to the way I was motivated when I was a child, that was my Mom and Dad’s stance that came from World War 1 and their experience during the war. They both concluded that their children were going to be oriented basically as non-patriots.  That does not mean against any nation.  I remember them repeating to me that patriots are people who think like gangsters or they don’t know better.  I was carried with that orientation very strongly into the World War II when I was drafted.  I had no choice.  Officially I volunteered within a week at that time I would be drafted to avoid having been forced into the Army or the Marines, so I volunteered to enter the Navy.  I was forced into the military.  When Japan bombed the Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt declared to enter the war.  There was no option, and even my parents with their anti-war stance and anti-military stance had to go along with that.  I entered the reserve.  It would be a big shame to me to enter the regular army services. I stayed in the reserve and if I had gone to the regular navy, my ranks would have been higher, and I would have been better recognized and less suspected.  My professional records in the Navy were very excellent in the hospital where I was assigned.  I had a very low rating in respect for the uniform.  How do they rate you on the uniform?  Mainly they look at your cap, your shoes and your tie everyday if they are well placed.  I was rather careless about how I set my cap on my head, and was careless with my tie and did not polish shoes.  When I became a commander during the officer training, I had to check everybody’s shoes polished.  I was popular, because I was not very sticky with those things.  I was encouraged by high officers even from Pentagon to remain in the regular navy, but I remained in the reserve.  That led to suspect to some people.  There were 2 senior officers in the regular navy who were not happy with me.  They were investigated later and so was I.  I was heavily investigated, because the 2 senior officers went so far to indicate I was a communist spy.  If you are accused of a spy in the Navy by your senior officer, it is very serious, and the Pentagon has to investigate you.  So I was investigated for every details, and the result of the investigation was, as I was told by the admiral who gave me a top secret clearance, the Navy does not want to waste money and they spent so much money to investigate me that they decided I was eligible for the top secret clearance.  I did not ask for it but it was a result of being accused by two others according to the military rules.  The two people who accused me were also called in at the same time, and they were told that they had sacrificed all the possibility that they could go for further promotion, because of what they did.

I always respect my parents’ stance and I even throw my life for that I do not respect patriots.


160413 Maslow’s hierarchy of motivation

I first came to contact with Maslow through Fukuo Morita. Maslow gave courses on motivation to top people in companies, universities, colleges.   Fukuo took the course because he was curious about my motivation that he could not understand.   Morita was paying me lots of money and I did not seem to be interested in it.  My motivation was based on curiosity and moving further on.  His basic advice to people who head commercial organizations, companies was ‘do not employ a person who is with this motivation.  If you do we can predict two things to happen, this person either takes over the company or he will bankrupt the company. Bankruptcy was more likely because such person is not interested in taking over or controlling of any organizations.  Many people are motivated to travel the world and dream of when he retires, he will go anywhere he fancies.  That becomes his long term dream and he is satisfied with it.  Some people are satisfied with getting some property – a house, a building, a car.  I was satisfied with a car and driving it when I was very young.  I was driving a truck when I was at the age of six.  I had a high satisfaction in control of vehicles at very early age.  I have never had a desire to own anything like a house, a building.  If I had waited for long time for what I wanted, it will become strong motive in my life but I was too early satisfied.  He mentions this person has been satisfied enough at his early stage with what most people sometimes wait for many years to satisfy and that is a reason he gets to this level of motivation.  The only thing he is interested is how much he can achieve in his life.

150831  My childhood and the global scope

Why am I oriented to a global scope for our web systematiccare.net ?

What kind of care are we talking about? Care would be seen as care of people basically.  That means we have to have a global scope of concern if we talk about people, and we cannot talk about any particular people or group of favor.  It seems the idea of nations tends to give favors to some people of nations relative to others.  There is a very big concern about that.  We have special emphasis on glocal and global healthcare.  My orientation is very much influenced by the drought in the North and Midwest America in 1930’s.  That caused extreme poverty to people living in that area, and withdrawal of loans from banks.  Suddenly banks decided not to be so liberal with the loans to give us, and it gave lots of influence on access to medium of exchange which people call ‘money’.  Those happened at the same time and caused depression.  We were forced to leave the Midwest, and we went to the west coast.  Mass of migration from the Midwest went to the West coast at that time.  We went to Organ, going from the very dry and drought place with no rain to where we had continuous rain throughout winter.  It was very much big changes in those two places.  Withdraw of loans from banks were related to a nation.  It was based on the decision of the nation.  Banks had much influence on nation’s decisions.  It was a special interest of Dad, and he had his own plans about how to correct it, which I still feel is valid.  I regret that we did not keep any evidence of the letter from the Secretary of the Treasury of US under President Truman at that time written to Dad.  He completely agreed with Dad’s idea about how to prevent these depressions. He is very independent in many ways, especially it was a kind of proof after the 1930’s and people who coming in after that have never experienced it since then.  That means leaders and larger amount of people have not ever experienced such extreme poverty.  However we see things in a global scope, that’s a different story.  When we are talking about some particular part of the world, we see things in terms of nations.  But we see things in global scope, we have to say people as a whole.  The scope of concerns has been grounded in the founder of this website, the family discussions when he was very young that people are people.  The parents were grounded not to be patriots and not favor any nation.  If you are a patriot, you wave a flag of the nation which you  favor. The way I was oriented, I was annoyed by seeing any flag of any nation, and I still don’t care seeing any flag waving at all.  But in the nation where I was born and schooled is one of the major nations that wave the national flag more actively than most other nations.  I can say that the country I came from is very different from my orientation than people as a whole.  I recall one of the comments my parents made was ‘A patriot is someone who thinks like a gangster and doesn’t know better.’   But when I was drafted, I had no choice.  I entered the Army services when the 2nd WW occurred.  I volunteered just for 2 days ahead of the time when I would be drafted, so I had a choice.  At the end of draft, we had no choice.   I wanted to avoid the Army and Marines at all cost.  I went into the Navy, and I was sent to East Asia by Navy, where people had different orientation and living from where I come from, North America.  I am avoiding using the nations here, US and Japan.  It was when I was 25 years old, when I was sent to Ease Asia, the Navy hospital in Yokosuka.  I was in the hospital for about 10 years.  I was very curious and going out in the evenings meeting people.   In East Asia, my main contacts have been Japan, Thailand, China, and Singapore.  I also visited New Zealand and gave courses, basically oriented to how to maintain the balanced upright operator’s body in relation to horizontal patients.  I was campaigning that giving, demonstrations and this can be done.  There were many questions if it could cover all patients or not.  Lots of data was collected. Balanced upright body and horizontal body are natural states for human body.  Horizontal is basically body for rest, and balanced upright is reference for body in activity or work.