1. Global Licensing & Database

150805-2, 3  Global licensing

This part of the tape is dealing with accountability of control test for getting a global license. We are talking about control of tools used to cut and intersect of human body which is called surgery specially, but we want to say what is the limit of the control, because control can be the control of personal car, airplane, or train. But of course there is difference if you are hired by a train company to control a train, and a company takes a responsibility for it.

Global license should be issued from a consensus of a board, and the question is how many members are on this board. I would assume at least 5 members for a global license, may be more.  They have to be identified, not having something in common that makes special interests.

For a test, we have to have evidence. Right now, the evidence is reported by instructors in general.  Instructors know how to drive a car or bus, and grant licenses to those who want to get a license for a particular type of vehicle.  It assumes that it has been accepted at this time.  But is it open globally to increase accountability, ie. to a higher degree of accountability.   For example, if we are talking about getting a license to be a surgeon, control of fingers and forearms with associated eye views, we have to have everything in digits – eyes, points on the body surface showing we are making that effort.  But for tests to be valid, it has to be reproducible.  If we have the evidence in video or photos, anyone can see exactly whether that person could control a car and shows the car is moving by video in the car.  Tech is already used. It’s a matter of new application. That is granting licenses for control.  In terms of control of surgery with instruments when they can cut live human body, that is quite serious licenses to grant, especially if it involves vital body parts like a heart or a brain.  Early body parts surgery is performed on non-vital body parts, for example on teeth, for they are not seen as vital for life.