4. Global issues

160302  Human needs vs human wants, demands

Needs fit to human, because all the people on earth are reasonable with what they need.  Wants and demands are not reasonable.  If it is reasonable, it is a need.  If it (the scope) is less than all people, it is a want or a demand.  We tend to use demand, if it involves a large group.  It is very much related to the theory of capitalism vs communism. 

When I was living in the USA, those three words were all synonyms.  Whatever people want is what they need, and they use them interchangeably.  I’m very nervous about that.  Needs are not wants, and wants are not demands.  Those three words have quite different emphasis in meaning.  But USA has much influence by corporations that think there are demands whatever they make.  People don’t know what is a difference between what a need is and what a want is.  If I want a car, then I need a car.  Many things US has created are useful to people, useful to all people or most people or reasonable people, and a few are for a market of demand.  I say no car is a need for people, but it is a want.  It is a means of transport, but not all people need a transport.  It is a conditional want.  For example, I needed an air transport, when I was giving courses and presented them face to face to groups.  I was spending lots of time on airplane.  When I got off an airplane, I got on a taxi on streets. 


160401  Jose Mujica, the former President of Uruguay

He is described as ‘the humblest president’, and we have a common way of thinking.

It is about the time for us to try to find a way for people on earth to be in harmony with each other and do everything possible for harmonization. He was imprisoned for 13 years by right political party at that time.  They were basically seen as leftist people, left arm people.  Right arm is strong but left arm is weak.  Left arm and left fingers, everything on left side are regarded weak.  Right handed people are about 90% and left handed people are 10%.  Leftist people are not weak in mental capability.  They may be meek in terms of they don’t care to be strong of use of their power.  For decades most of the nation leaders have been tended to be more leftists in the world.  But nations are vulnerable to people who are rightists.  Therefore, when it comes to all the people on earth, we need to find a way to have harmony, and eliminate conflicts which is becoming swiftly dangerous specially weapons we have today.  Weapons have been developed and refined that could kill masses of people or perhaps most people on earth.  There are two bases for that, one is nuclear weapon and the other is gas.


150805-4 Concern of nations  Part 1

On the way to global licensing, we need tests for global licensing in the name of groups of nations such as EU.  EU is a group of nations, and they issue licenses with the name of EU, and it caught interests of many others now.  I assume in very near future, by 2020’s, many nations will be involved in a group licensing.  In fact, by 2020 it is possible that the need of nations would be fading out, simply because groups of nations such as EU are affectively taking over a role of what nations have.  A nation is simply a large unit of people and a government, and it has been steadily increasing through the ages humans existed.  It is rather recent times, probably last 2 or 300 years where this exploded. There was a breakthrough we even can’t think of the possibility of global numbers being significant for one person’s life.  200 years is just a small period in human existence.  And the last 200 years has such a huge change, which we have never imagined has come in to be a serious problem including global pollution in terms of health.  It has become very serious, because it comes to the attention of major news media we are reading daily.  When I was a child I could not imagine in my life time, in a way I could imagine that as a child when I was by 20’s, I would be facing in today’s world with web or internet. Actually, it moves fast in a web and internet.  It’s causing lots of confusion this time in 2015.  When we get really confused, we can sometimes do some dangerous things in our confusion.  That’s why further existence of nations can be danger in this world because of the people who are attempting to control the conditions of nations and trying to handle it.  We have variables in the ability of people to be able to control things and numbers of people of that size and the methods for finding those people, selecting who are authorized to do that.


150805-4  Conern of nations  Part 2

Today’s politics, for example, in the country where I came from, US, there are two main parties, Democrats and Republicans. They have major difference in their stance of many things.  In general, one is that people don’t want change because of the benefits they are getting from existing conditions in the nation.  Those who are getting special benefits do not want any change, simply because they might lose the benefits that they have been granted within the nation.  On the other side, those people who are not getting any special benefits from the nation are open to alternatives.  What % of people don’t get any benefits or significant personal benefits from the nation?  The owners of a company have been granted benefits by the nation.  They would be certainly weary of grounding benefits to larger unit of governance that may have other rules.  For example, EU has dealt with this, and they are still working out some of the problems, particularly the benefits of banks.  Nation banks have lots of economic power over people and they resist with any change.  A question is what % of people have benefits from broader scope of government, those who do not have benefit, but retain what exist today in the name of particular nation.  We are coming into a question. Is this meaning that can be the end of era of nations?  There have been many eras in human existence.  They existed for a while and they come to an end, ex. hunting age – there was a long list – , and there was an industrial age, before that was agricultural age. They all have moved on to larger unit of relations, and now we are coming  closer to the final one, which is all people on earth, global, global people.  We are exploring how and what can be done without strong reaction, a safe way to keep moving.  There can be strong emotions and can be dangerous, lots of people get upset and confused.  There can be reactions that could be a global threat.  We certainly don’t want that.  People are very conscious about earth resources are coming to some limit.  We never thought about that till recent years, but now it is a big concern. We are trying to make some points on web and some way to offer possible root to safe way to move on, safe and fair, and it does not favor any particular one.  It favors general people at home, and does not favor any nation, or favors no idea that any nation can be qualified to rule all people on earth.


160607-7 From nations to global scope, no secrets

All these techs are opening up, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep any secrets of people who even intend to have secrecy. So I see all these techs have been nothing but good , because if we have no secret, it is hard to maintain nations.  So they become just global, and all people can learn everything anywhere, and this tech is driving people in this direction.  It is an age of no secrets.  Nations have big secrets, and pay lots to maintain them.  This type of tech, eg. smart phones, we are entering into the age of no secret.  I was identified in a book as a person with no secrets many years ago.  It fits with my motivation, and I don’t care to have secrets, so I am quite happy to see more open things become.  So there are two motivations, being as open as possible, and spread things as far as possible.  Anyone who listens to the tapes posted on internet or websites is a person who is oriented to keep secrets.  I assume it’s going to cause lots of trouble for people who are identified with secrets, especially nation secrets, and military needs to keep secrets about their new weapons and plans they have.   This raises a big question about further existence of nations, and it seems people become completely open worldwide.   To a certain extent, it’s the tech that drives and not people’s mind.  People are more oriented to interests in global affairs, and less and less interested in what they see on daily news in paper media and TV.


160607-7  From brain, PC to smart phone – Part 1

Recent tech – ex. smart phones, internet/web, is real mind twister for me for my age. I guess I must be already almost between 60 and 70 years old, when this new tech was born in the name of IC tech. I had been aware of IC companies, and had some idea that it’s coming, so I was not really surprised when the new tech came in.  It’s simply making things easy access to knowledge and information which can be a short term interest or can be long term or can be more and more global in concern, ie. global survival of people.  One of the big things right now is data that has been collected, for example global data we have much interest in is what’s the number of people on earth and what’s the earth capacity for people’s needs.  And if we add their wants, it becomes a huge weight in terms of weight if it’s measured in weights, or occupying space.  But this is accountability for space which is driven by GPS. It’s a big factor in terms of orientation of people and what they see.  It’s a potential for the future.  How does this affect young people?  It certainly has a lot of effect on generations. Average links today probably are three living generations, grandparents, parents and children.  They might have one past information connected with them. For example, I have two grandmas and two grandpas and Mom and Dad, next generation, and my generation, that’s three.  I did connect with a person who is 2 generations younger than me, but it’s difficult to connect a long term interest with people who are 2 generations different.  They say generations are 30 years today.   Generations are working generation, learning generation, and basic learning to acquire tools of learning.

060607-7 From brain, PC to smart phone – Part 2

My two sets of tools I learned in school, very much emphasized by Mom and Dad are what they call mental arithmetic those days, but today a computer that automatically computes, and is very important for everybody’s life today. Until I was ( ? ) age, I had only one computer that was in my forebrain, and fortunately I had a long memory span which helped to make a recall for a long period of time.  When we enter in the age of computers which are mechanical, and now they are very tiny, this has turned my life motivation, ie. what I value in life has made a radical change.  Probably the big change depends on my forebrain computer as to more dependence on a computer carried in my pocket in addition to my brain.  So I have two computers, one is in my forebrain computer, and I carry a pocket computer in daily life.  This access to computers confirms , but my brain computer is highly dependent of confirmation by the mechanical computer in the pocket or a table top computer.  But a person who is a generation younger than me has adopted a smart phone very actively, and spends lots of time for communication and information or knowledge.  It has become a center point of attention, and it can be a problem of communication between people of different generations.