My parent’s stance

When I was a child, I was motivated by my Mom and Dad’s stance, which came from World War 1 and their experience during the war. They both concluded that their children were going to be oriented basically as non-patriots. That does not mean they are against any nation. I remember them repeating to me that patriots are people who think like gangsters or who don’t know better. I was carried with that orientation very strongly into the World War II when I was drafted. I had no choice. Officially I volunteered within a week at that time I would be drafted to avoid having been forced into the Army or the Marines, so I volunteered to enter the Navy. I was forced into the military. When Japan bombed the Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt declared to enter the war. There was no option, and even my parents with their anti-war and anti-military stance had to go along with that. I entered the reserve. It would be a big shame to me to enter the regular army services. I stayed in the reserve. If I had gone to the regular navy, my ranks would have been higher, and I would have been better recognized and less suspected. My professional records in the Navy were very excellent in the Yokosuka Navy hospital where I was assigned.

I had a very low rating in respect for the uniform. How do they rate you on the uniform? Mainly they look at your cap, shoes and tie everyday if they are well placed. I was rather careless about how I set my cap on my head, and was careless with my tie and did not polish shoes. When I became a commander during the officer training, I had to check everybody’s shoes. I was popular, because I was not very sticky with those things. I was encouraged by high officers even from Pentagon to remain in the regular Navy, but I remained in the reserve. That led some people to suspect me. There were 2 senior officers in the regular Navy who were not happy with me. They were investigated later and so was I. I was heavily investigated, because the 2 senior officers went so far to indicate I was a communist spy. If you are accused of a spy in the Navy by your senior officer, it is very serious, and the Pentagon has to investigate you. So I was investigated for every details, and the result of the investigation was, as I was told by the admiral who gave me a top secret clearance, “the Navy does not want to waste money” and they spent so much money to investigate me that they decided I was eligible for the top secret clearance. I did not ask for it, but it was a result of being accused by two others according to the military rules. The two people who accused me were also called in at the same time, and they were told that they had sacrificed all the possibility that they could go for further promotion, because of what they did.
I always respect my parents’ stance, and I even throw my life for that I do not respect patriots.