State/nation governed care

State/nation licensing started as a fallout of Bismark’s Health Insurance bill which was enacted in 1883(con Otto Bismarck: 1815-1898, the “Iron Dictator”). Bismarck aimed to get support of workers/people for his nation. Benefits of military personnel were extended to all workers/people in the nation. The benefits included pensions and state governed health care.The professional educator, Abraham Flexner (1865-1959) surveyed medical schools in USA and published a book called Flexner Report in 1910 with the support of the Carnegie Foundation which was looking for someone to lead a series of studies of professional education including medical education. The Flexner report assumes that a university diploma is required for licensing examinations for medical and other health care providers. Worldwide universities/colleges are now searching for students in this age of informatics and websites. In comparison with other options for preparing for a license to practice medicine or dentistry, the schools are now getting functionally obsolete, and they are essentially nothing more than highly protected vocational schools. 130513