Social memory vs rote memory

Some people are good at rote memory. I personally am strong with social memory, and very weak with rote memory. This is a matter of self analysis. Why did I do so poorly, when it comes with rote memory. For example, when we were learning German at school, all the grammatical rules were rote memory. I was at the bottom of the class. Then they turned into translation of German, and I immediately went to the top of the class, because putting phrases together assembling them and connecting these terms, I could grasp them quickly.

We had to read medical text books in German, and I did not have any problems. Generally people who go into engineering and science are good at social memory, because they imagine things that don’t exist and they often become inventors. People with rote memory are very much locked with what they sense as existing. I remember where I met somebody better than the name of the person I met. I recall more easily where I met somebody than the name of the person. Name itself is largely a rote memory and “where” is highly associated with where I met and whom I was with and then I remember the name of the person. I have to go through that process to make recalls. 160317