Maslow and my motivation

I first came to know Maslow* through Fukuo Morita. Maslow gave courses on motivation to top people in companies, universities, colleges. Fukuo took the course, because he was curious about my motivation that he could not understand. Morita was paying me lots of royalty in ’60s and ’70s, and I did not seem to be interested in it. My motivation was based on curiosity and moving further on. Maslow’s basic advice to top management of companies was “do not employ a person who is with this motivation”. If you do, we can predict two things to happen; this person either takes over the company or he will bankrupt the company. Bankruptcy was more likely, because such person is not interested in controlling any organizations. Many people are motivated to travel the world and dream of when he retires, he will go anywhere he fancies. That becomes his long term dream, and he is satisfied with it. Some people are satisfied with getting some property, ie. a house, a building, and a car. I was satisfied with a car and driving it, when I was very young. I was driving a truck, when I was at the age of six. I had a high satisfaction in control of vehicles at very early age. I have never had a desire to own anything like a house or a building. If I had waited for long time for what I wanted, it will become strong motive in my life, but I was satisfied too early. Maslow mentions the person who has been satisfied enough at his early stage with what most people sometimes wait for many years to satisfy gets  him to the level of motivation, that is,  the only thing he is interested in is how much he can achieve in his life. 160413

*Abraham Maslow – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs