Orientation to life of being and doing

This is the logo of concept 0.

The circle represents the surface of a human being, while the space inside the circle is the inside of a human being. The solid straight line represents past experience, and the outer segment represents experience with temperature, smell, sound, light and color. The intersection between the circle and the solid line represents experience with taste and contact. The inner segment represents memory or perception based on experience. The center of the circle represents evaluation of present conditions in context with the potential of our future.

The broken line represents concepts or ideas with a future orientation. The inner arc which crosses the broken line represents humanity and the outer arc represents our biosphere?
The space inside the circle below the line represents awareness and evaluation of health – our basic condition. The space in the circle above the line represents perception of acts and settings from proprioceptive feedback.
What can be for human beings is conceived from what was and what is – what should be is selected from what is or what can be. What should be, for human beings and humanity, is concluded by evaluating exteroceptive experience from inside experience in context with health, proprioceptive feedback and the limits of our biosphere. 980924