A proprioceptor is a sensory nerve ending that responds to stretch of elastic tissues. Proprioceptor input is stretch of tissues. Proprioceptors are mainly found in muscles, joints, ligaments and the body balance organ in the ear. Proprioceptor input is changes in tissue stretch.
Proprioceptor output in tissue or nerve paths is reflex. Proprioceptors exist in all animals, and are key to identifying animals from plants. The animal may be as small as an ameba, which demonstrates independent movement in reaction to forces of water current – this is input to proprioceptor. Dr Sherrington coined the word “proprioceptor” in comparison with interoceptors and exteroceptors. But I am not sure if he identified proprioceptor as a key of separating the animal and plant life. (Eg. eyes and ears exist in more highly evolved animals only.)

My main interest in proprioceptor is proprioceptive feedback to human forebrain, where judgment centered on proprioceptor output is made that can satisfy human wants/needs, or change motivation from eye-/ear- centered value to feel-based value of one’s body. With more than 7 billion people, the mother earth is reaching her limits. Proprioceptor, ie. the feel of one self, is a key to identify how we can best fit in the limits of the earth gravity and biosphere.
Q & A:
1. What is the key to link skill with settings and technology?
– The optimum use of the body begins with the use of the neck, with which we can feel optimal use of remaining muscles of the body. The use of the neck can be specified for both resting conditions and purpose-oriented activities. It is not only the key for determination of skill, settings and human interface with technology, but it also affects musculo-skeletal health which, in turn, may affect the health of other body parts.
2. When should we be concerned with use or misuse of the human body?
– We are concerned with it, when consistent accuracy of desired outcomes is required, when our judgements on skill, settings and technology affect the lives of many, and when we want to prevent or correct personal health problems caused by our bodies. 170425